Use social media as Customer Support tool

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facebook-supportSocial media is a time consuming machine. If the employees of the company spend 1 hour a day in Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn and local or interest based social networks, their productivity is decreased. As the responsible person in the company you could think of some financial losses and possible sanctions for employees, but please be careful. Prohibition will not solve the problem. It is better to use such employees by turning them into company’s Live Support managers. That will be beneficial to all and will not require lots of additional investment (both financial and human resource one).
Lots of service providers have the live support features in their websites. Look at Host1Plus live support section! It is not an easy task to handle all these requests, but Host1Plus is a hosting service which needs to be operating 24/7/365. Most of companies do not need such complicated and costly services, but that does not mean they should neglect Live Support activities at all. Small business Live Support features can be easily transferred to most popular Social Medias.
Twitter is one of the best ways to make a support as it is visible to everyone. It is not a private live chat where you can speak about weather and dress color of the employee. Twitter makes your support public, so you better provide best services. There are lots of success stories about Twitter becoming the perfect tool for support. The classic one is shoe retailer, but there are few more. They have made their millions of $, why can’t you?
The live support is about answering the questions and providing the official point of view to one or another service or product of particular company. Every social media, which have status updates can do the support work. One of the most developed platforms for live support is Facebook. If Twitter endorses the group of employees talking about their company (more employees on Twitter – better visibility), product or service, Facebook encourages companies to Brand themselves using Facebook Pages.
The Facebook page has a brilliant feature – all fans of the page with administrator rights can speak on behalf of the company without showing their real face. If you are a customer and you want to complain about something or ask a question, you can be sure that one of responsible employees will answer your inquiry. In Twitter you need to ask, which of employees can help you with your issue – Jim, Alison or Peter? Facebook also allow more interactive share of information as visitor can provide the screenshot of error, post a video with broken product which was sent by post, or give a link to technical description and ask the specific question about the product. The same can be done in Twitter, but information will be scattered among lots of Twitter image, video or file sharing services (what can be too complicated for beginning Twitter user).


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